About Adventurette

Turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary adventures.


Planning a weekend away can be difficult. Between researching activities, comparing prices, reading reviews and booking, it can become quite a laborious undertaking. At Adventurette we do the planning for you. We specialize in bachelorette parties, birthday trips and girls getaways to Lake Tahoe. Let us take care of organizing everything from lodging, activities, day trips and nightlife, down to dining and transportation.


Lake Tahoe is unique with an abundance and variety of world-class outdoor activities and a top notch nightlife to match. Winter offers skiing and snowboarding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Summers are filled with endless activities such as hiking, mountain biking, boat charters, kayaking, SUP, rock climbing, ATV tours and horseback riding. For our more indoor-adventurers, we offer spa packages, spin classes, yoga, shopping and relaxing beach retreats. Bachelorette parties don’t have to skimp on the traditional fun during this adventure. We can arrange VIP bottle service at any of the local nightclubs for a 24/7 party.

We can accommodate parties of a variety of sizes. Our customizable menu lets you pick what activities your group would enjoy best. We’ve partnered up with the best businesses in Tahoe to give your group a truly memorable experience.

adventurette menu

Contact us today to start planning your Adventurette!


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