What to Pack for Your Adventurette

Everyone always asks what they should pack for their Adventurette. With the variety of activities you can choose, it’s best to be prepared for anything. Truth be told, we hate packing, but love lists. So here are a few items we consider to be necessities.

Brian Walker Photography
  • Sneakers – comfortable shoes are essential for your trip. Whether you are hiking around Emerald Bay, taking a spin class at Tahoe Club 100, or peddling your way through South Lake Tahoe on a bike bar crawl, tennis shoes are the best for taking on any activity.

tennis shoes

  • Flip Flops – Who doesn’t love flip flops? Easy to slip on and off, perfect for lounging in between facials or running to the beach, they’re a fast and easy way to get you around without getting your feet dirty. flops
  • Sunscreen – Protect your skin! Tahoe loves to keep you outdoors for hours at a time, so it is best to always carry this stuff with you. Plus sunburns don’t accompany any night out outfit. Our top choice is Coola Suncare. Not only are their products organic (so you can jump in the lake worry free!), but they also smell great. COOLA-Sport-Spray
  • Sunglasses – Tahoe boasts 360 days of sun per year, you’ll want something to shade those peepers. No matter if you are on a fishing charter or riding an ATV through the wilderness, you don’t want to be squinting in photos. Be smile ready with your favorite pair of sunnies. Plus sunglasses are still the best “morning after” cover up. sunglasses
  • Ibuprofen/ Advil – Some Adventurette activities are exhausting and can leave you with sore muscles and/or a headache after a night of cocktails and dancing. So it is always a good idea to pack some pain relievers to help keep you going.
  • Waterproof Mascara – From jumping in the big blue waters of Lake Tahoe, to taking selfies on the bow of your boat you are always going to want to be camera ready. Waterproof mascara is perfect for long days on the water. Cause let’s be real, no one likes having black streams running down their face ruining the Adventurette photo shoot. Check out bareMinerals Flawless Definition Waterproof Mascara. bareminerals
  • SPF Chap stick – We love our lips! So much we turned it into our logo. SPF Chap stick is a MUST HAVE, especially up at 6’225’! The sun is a lot stronger up in Tahoe, so keep your lips kissable throughout your entire trip. Our go to is Sun Bum Lip Balm with SPF 30. chapstick
  • Water – An essential for every day life, it’s even more important during your Adventurette. With the higher elevation and the desire to last all day and well into the night, you’ll want to keep a bottle handy. Or just bring a reusable water bottle (we LOVE S’well Bottles) because Tahoe tap water is 97.9% pure, or something ridiculously high like that. We couldn’t find the exact number. Plus water helps keep your skin glowing. So drink up buttercup! Swell
  • Face Wipes – Face wipes are perfect to use after a long day in the mountains. Cleaning off all the dirt and sweat from that bike ride will keep your skin looking fabulous for the rest of the day, and selfies. Face wipes are also a perfect way to wipe off the makeup after a long night out, getting you in bed quicker and ready for the next day of your Adventurette. We use Neutrogena – the pink grapefruit wipes smell great too. neutrogena
  • A Selfie Stick – We know, we know, the common conception on these is that they’re lame. But they can also get you some awesome group shots. Since you are going to want to snap as many memories you can while on your Adventurette, and there won’t always be an innocent bystander nearby to get all your girls in one shot, we recommend this handy tool. And they fold up to nicely to fit in any backpack, purse or Fanny pack. Just use them wisely, i.e. not at restaurants. selfie

What are some must haves for your adventures?


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