Work It Out With Adventurette

If you are anything like us, working out is a part of your daily lives. We always try to get in a solid hour of physical activity in no matter what the rest of our day looks like. We think it’s a lot of fun. That’s why we have partnered with different fitness studios in the Tahoe area to offer fun and different ways to keep up with your fitness goals during your Adventurette. Each of our work out activities are created for your party, which gives you a customized way to burn off some calories with your best girls.

1. Bride Ride – Head over to Tahoe Club 100 for a spin class themed around the bride to be (or birthday girl!). It is an hour full of sweat, laughing and dancing. Before you get to the studio send us a list of your favorite songs and our amazing instructors will create a custom playlist and choreographed workout just for you. Spinning is a great way to get the blood flowing and burns a ton of calories. Plus it’s fun. IMG_8837

2. Cardio Striptease – Ever wanted to learn a fun sexy choreographed dance? Our experts can give you the routine you’re looking for. This hour class is not only an amazing workout, you learn a little something you can show your significant other later. It’s BYOB, so if you need a little liquid courage to calm your nerves before you start shaking your booty this is the class for you.

3. Yoga – One of the best things about Adventurette yoga is we have options! Hate being in a hot, crowded studio? We can have an instructor come to you where you’re staying, at the beach or out in a meadow! If being in a studio is more your thing, we can arrange private sessions for your group to enjoy some hot yoga at Omni. farsai-c-232290

4. Pole Dancing – Here is a unique and fun way to get a pretty strenuous workout. Pole dancing is fun, flirty and you will learn a lot. Maybe even a trick or two to take home. Note: these classes are more ideal for smaller groups, but can work for larger groups. black-and-white-bw-dance-theme-minimalism

5. Barre – If you have never tried barre, this is a perfect opportunity. Mixing the art of ballet with yoga, you will definitely feel the burn, even when using minimal weight. Start off your day with a fun, full body work out that will improve your core strength and flexibility.

6. Dance – On your Adventurette you can also choose a dance class to take. Whether it’s learning to move better in heels, a burlesque routine or another type of choreographed work out you’re looking for, Adventurette can arrange the perfect class.  Learn some new moves, have a refresher, or get a choreographed routine for your night out – either way you will be sweating and laughing in no time! girls-women-happy-sexy-53364

We have endless options to pick from at Adventurette. Whatever type of work out or activity you’re looking for, we can help and accommodate your entire party at a any time. Contact us today to get planning!


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