Recover Faster with Adventurette

We all know how it goes. You’re out having a great time with your girlfriends, drinking and not caring how you’ll feel the next morning, then all of a sudden, the sun is up. And you want to die. While enjoying a Adventurette night out at Opal or Peek you might over indulge on easy to drink cocktails. To help ease your hangover, we have compiled some of our favorite cures so you can get up and carry on with your Adventurette!

1. H2Up – This concierge IV hydration service and wellness clinic delivers highly effective treatments in the comfort of your vacation rental or hotel room. Dehydration is common at high altitude and can be intensified by alcohol intake and strenuous physical activity. Why waste a minute feeling awful? The ladies of H2UP are emergency physicians and nurses and will help get you over your hangover quickly so you can get back to enjoying your Adventurette! H2UP-29.jpg
2. Re-hydrate! – The body needs to replenish itself after a long night out of losing electrolytes. The best way to get yourself feeling better and on with your day is to DRINK (not alcohol)! Here are a few of our favorites! Pedialite (not just for babies). Coconut Water. Gatorade. Good Old fashion ice water. – Get Up! Get Drinking and get back to your Adventurette!
3. Vitamin C – Get a healthy intake of Vitamin C before you start your day feeling sluggish! You can get a full dose by taking a Vitamin C supplements or drinking a nice big glass of 100% orange juice! Alcohol sucks out a big chunk of your vitamins so putting them back in your body helps increase the breakdown of the alcohol. healthy-fruits-morning-kitchen
4. Alka Seltzer – Felling a bit queasy? Alka Seltzer contains sodium bicarbonate, which helps settle a weak stomach and gets you back up and ready for the day.
5. Tomato Juice – Glucose is the main energy source for your brain and your liver. After a night of hitting the booze your liver is stuck metabolizing out all the liquor to help maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Help your body out! Drink a big glass of tomato juice, or a VIRGIN Bloody Mary – it packs just enough simple sugars to get your body back up and running in no time.
6. This sh*t is BANANAS! – Alcohol sucks water our of your body which causes you to pee (a lot) and drains potassium out of your body. Load them back up by chowing down on a delicious banana at the start of your day. banana-tropical-fruit-yellow-healthy-39566
7. Ginger Tea or Pills – Another morning of feeling nauseous? Ginger helps ease the stomach and lessen the effects of vomiting. It’s naturally yummy and will get you feeling great in no time! Note: Ginger Ale contains too much sugar and although might temporarily make you feel better, the sugar will further dehydrate you and leave you feeling worse later.
8. Dandelion Root Tea – Full of both vitamins and minerals, it also relives digestive issues (we all tend to eat a ton of crap when under the influence). Plus, it tastes good.
9. Vitamins – Take a multivitamin or eat vitamin-rich foods. Alcohol sucks out your nutrients (especially Vitamin B’s). Once you throwback a few good ol vitamins you will slowly start to feel like a new woman.
10. Get Moving! – If all else fails get some of that Tahoe fresh air! Go out for a walk, a run, a hike, a bike ride just sweat it out! The best thing about Adventurette? This is the part of your party we specialize in (hence the name) and can come up with the perfect activity to treat that hangover. AdventurettePromoShoot_20150208BrianWalker-0084

What are some of your go-to hangover cures?


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