Let Adventurette Decorate Your Party

When having an out of town bachelorette party you can end up with a sweet hotel set up. Hotels are a blast, the bathrooms have perfect lighting, there is usually a pool, hot tub and some have saunas. Plus, it’s always fun to stay somewhere new. The challenge of hosting a bachelorette party in a hotel is decorating. What is a party without some fun décor? Adventurette is all about ambience, we LOVE the decorating part. Here are a few tips and tricks for setting up the most amazing hotel party!

Photo: Hannah Pence.
  1. Hire us. We love decorating and can have your room[s] looking amazing in no time, even before you arrive. We’ll take care of everything. Decor, snacks, gift bags, cutlery – whatever you need!
  2. When making your reservation, be sure to confirm that your room has a table. May sound strange but some hotels don’t have them. Tables are fantastic to use as a candy bar, mimosa bar, or snack buffet. Also, confirm with your hotel that you have a refrigerator in the room. Trust us, you would think this is standard, but we were in a nice hotel in San Diego last year and there was no fridge. Warm tequila is not delicious. romm2
  3. The more decorations the better! You’d rather have too many decorating options than not enough. The best part about decorating is there are so many options (themes are our fav!). Balloons, glitter, garlands, props, and of course lights (if you can). The more fun the room looks the better the Insta pics! Also with decorating use double sided tape and/ or hanging stickies from staples that way everything you put up, comes down without leaving a mark! Be sure to let your hotel know you will be decorating, that way the glitter in the carpet don’t come as a shock to the maids. props
  4. Cheap,cheap and cheaper. Instead of going bankrupt buying new, nice plates, or bringing your own, head to the local dollar store. They have everything – trays and dishes to place all your finger foods on, cutlery and cups. Plus cleanup is easy, everything can get tossed in the trash.
  5. Move it. Sometime you walk into a hotel room and it’s just not right. Go ahead and rearrange. Move the tables, move the beds, create a space you’ll love. Make it feel comfortable and set the tone for the party you want to throw. Sometimes you just need to free up some face so the room doesn’t feel too claustrophobic. Just before to move everything back before you leave!
  6. Details matter. Name tags are a great way to personalize the party and make everyone feel included. Also having the number of girls correlate to the number of special items…have 12 girls have 12 mini bottle of champagne each with their name or nickname on it. It’s a fun and an easy way to dress up the table. Color schemes are also important. Figure out colors the bride likes and bring the color element into every aspect of the party. romm

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