Sip a Little, Paint a Little

At Adventurette, we realize not everyone is keen on the adventure aspect of Tahoe. Which is why we have options to accommodate every person’s preferences. For the group that is more into relaxing we’ve come up with the perfect day for you.

Start your day off with a massage, facial or both at your rental house or hotel. Mimosas, Refuge Coffee, breakfast and special relaxation treatments for the bridal party are just what the everyone ordered to start your day. Our trained specialists will come to you and help make your morning worry and stress free. Go ahead, relax. That’s what we’re here to help you do. woman-girl-beauty-mask

After you’ve taken your time being pampered and getting cleaned up, head over to Ski Run Marina and get a table on the deck at Riva Grill. Order a Wet Woody (their signature cocktail, and reining champion for best cocktail in Lake Tahoe) or two, and some snacks while you enjoy the sunshine. Nothing says summer like being on Riva’s deck. IMG_8838

Once you’ve gotten your fill of sunshine (if there is such a thing), gather your girls and walk over to Lake Tahoe Paint & Sip, conveniently located in the same group of shops and restaurants. Jill, the owner from New Orleans, will graciously welcome you with that southern accent of hers, and make your group feel confident and ready to become artists. Grab some drinks and pick a comfortable spot to get your paint on. We can set you up in a public class, or if you have a large group, we can rent out the whole studio and let you pick your own painting. Either way your group is guaranteed an afternoon/evening of fun, art and compliments.

Paint & Sip 2
Photo: Hannah Pence.

We took spent our first Adventurette Day with local gals at Lake Tahoe Paint and Sip and had such a good time, we’re already planning our next one.  If this is ever something you’ve wanted to try, we highly suggest Jill and her team. Contact us to start planning today!

Paint & Sip
Photo: Hannah Pence.

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