Adventurette Party Must Haves

There’s a lot to worry about when you plan a bachelorette party, and props usually get lost between finding lodging, dining and activities (Adventurette can help you with all of this). Props are fun and can enhance your bachelorette experience. They keep the party going and also help make every pic Instagram worthy. Here are a few of Adventurette must haves.

Photo: Brian Walker.

1. The Headpiece – A bride should stand out. Everyone needs to know this girl is getting married. You want everyone you encounter to know what’s coming their way when they see that head piece and a gaggle of gals not far behind. Mini-veils are the most popular, but you could also choose a sparkly tiara, a penis top hat or even brightly colored wigs.

bridal veil

2. The Dare List/ scavenger hunt – Bachelorette games are a blast! Even more fun when you can get strangers involved (it’s also a great way to start convos with the cuties at the bar) the best part is they can be completely customizable for your bride. A scavenger hunt version requires the bride to collect a variety of items for example, a condom, five men’s business cards, a pair of boxer shorts, phone numbers, etc. the possibilities here are endless! The dares list might include funny, but not completely humiliating acts such as singing a well-known song to a complete stranger, dancing on a table, or getting three guys to buy her shots.

scavenger hunt

3.”Suck-For- a-Buck Accessory” –Purchase a fun candy necklace for the bride to wear on your big night out. This classic bachelorette party game requires the bride to get strangers (hello, hot guys!) to get the necklace of her, only using their teeth. Charge the men $1 per bite and buy your group drinks all night.

4. The ever popular Blow-up Doll. He’s the only male allowed to crash the party. The best part about this handsome devil, is he comes naked! Make the bride carry him around all night, we have seen some groups choose to handcuff him to her wrist (don’t lose the key). The doll can also the perfect “cock block” to ward off drunken men, leading to a harassment free evening.

blow up doll

5. A Polaroid Camera – When the party’s over, and you wake up the next morning with blurred vision and a few fuzzy memories, you’ll want to know what happened. So don’t let a single minute of the evening’s debauchery go undocumented. Polaroids are making a come back. Pass one around your group and put the photos away till the next morning. You’ll have funny photos and memories to last a life time.



The best part about Adventurette is that if you forget any of these, we can supply them for you. What are some other bachelorette party must haves?

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