Adventurette Nails

We recently stumbled across this seriously cool pin on Pinterest created by the geniuses over at Essie. We were so inspired by it we decided to break this pin down a bit and talk about their suggested activities – all of which are available for your Adventurette party. FullSizeRenderHike Eagle Falls– This is a popular mellow hike for tourists and locals alike. The views are rewarding and the falls are raging this year. Located at Emerald Bay, parking can be difficult so we always suggest an early start. You can head down towards Vikingsholm and check out Lower Eagle Falls (2.2 mi. – steep return) or head towards Desolation Wilderness to check out Upper Eagle Falls and Eagle Lake (2 mi.). Both are worth the hike.

Kayaking – Hands down one of our favorite lake activities. The lake is calm overall throughout the day making this activity easier than on the ocean. Take some drinks, pack a lunch and spend the day exploring the breathtaking waters of Lake Tahoe. Added bonus: this is a great workout.

Hike Mt. Tallac – This is by far one of the most challenging and strenuous hikes in Tahoe (9.5 mi.). It’s not the longest hike or even the tallest peak, but contains difficult terrain and changing temperatures. It’s a great hike during a full moon. Watching the sunrise on the top is truly a humbling experience. Pack lots of water, snacks and layers. You’ll need all of it.

Soak up the sun at Kiva Beach – This popular beach is also dog friendly. Frequented by locals it’s a good spot to get some inside info (other than Adventurette of course). For any day at the beach we always suggest a lot of sunscreen, blankets, chairs and floats (we can rent a variety of animals and food!).

Glide on a fly board – Not gonna lie, neither Adventurette owner has ever tried this. But it does look like fun, and is available through one of our partners. We’ll test it out for you and report back. But don’t be afraid to book this through us in the meantime!

Mountain bike on the Flume Trail – This challenging mountain bike course offers probably the best views of the lake (14 mi.). Also, it is in Nevada, not California as the original article suggests. Things you’ll want to pack: water and snacks. Once you’re finished, stop by one of the East Shore beaches, before returning to South Lake, for some of the prettiest water around.

Explore Aspen Forests – Did you know that an Aspen Grove is the largest living organism on the earth? Now you do. Seriously, all the trees are connected. And Tahoe has them in abundance. They’re near beaches, hiking trails, the smaller lakes located just off of Lake Tahoe, and pretty much everywhere. In our opinion, they’re prettiest in the fall, but look good in green too.

Take a swim at Pope Beach – Might just want to make it a quick dip this year. Trust us, the water is cold! If you’re not into swimming, we’ve got beach floats, to help you stay cool and dry.

Thanks Essie for the great summer ideas! Keep an eye out on our social media pages and upcoming blog for our special Adventurette nail color coming soon.

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